Granted no one has yet to really read this blog (at least no
one that has let me know about it), but for some reason I have been getting the
occassional comment spam.

I found a post from
Miguel Jimenez
 that points to a control he built that adds a CAPTCHA
box to the comments, so someone has to enter some text that’s displayed in an
image before the comment will be posted.  If I get some time this weekend
I’ll incorporate that and hopefully get rid of the spam I’ve been


Poker Chip Tricks

A friend at work showed me this site today, which was
appropriate since we just played poker last night.  I guess it was my
night, because I won!  Only $75, but enough to cover my losses for the last
two times I’ve played with these guys.

Poker Chip Tricks



Dan Rather’s Retirement Party

The Rather-Gate is getting Rather interesting.  Get it…Rather…rather…oh nevermind.

Once the blog community exposed the deception with the CBS Bush report having to do with his Guard service, I just chalked it up to the liberal media.  Little did I know how deep and contrived the story was until the recent firings at CBS and subsequent media stories regarding the cover-up.  It’s really quite amazing that a story, based on obviously contrived evidence, could make it to our eyes and ears through the national media.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not completely ignorant and believe everything I see on the channel 9 news…quite the opposite.  I’m just surprised that there was such an oversight and attempted cover-up that made it through all of the supposed checks and balances of producing a national news program.

The latest article I’ve read on the subject was from Ann Coulter.  Granted, she’s as conservative as it comes and is expected to have a field day with this, but she gives some additional insight into the scandal and walks through the steps of how it all took place.  It’s on her home page right now, but once she writes a new article this one will be in her archives.  So if the article on the home page isn’t titled “Liar, Liar, Now You’re Fired”, try this link to her archives (I’m guessing where it will be, so if this link doesn’t work just look in the archives for the article.  I know, manual labor.)

My favorite Rather quote to date:  “I think you can be an honest person and lie about any number of things.” 


The retirement party that wouldn’t end.


Broncos vs. Colts, Take 1

had tickets to the last regular season game of the Broncos vs. the Colts. 
The Broncs had to win to make the playoffs, and the Colts could care less as the
game meant nothing as they already had their playoff spot locked up.  So
essentially the Broncos gave it their all and the Colts sat their star
players.  The Broncos won, but it was closer than it should’ve

It was kind of cold and the seats were way up at
the top, but it was a good experience.  It was my first time at the “new”
stadium, so that was cool.  My friend Dave went with me and brought his
camera…he just posted his
which prompted me to write this entry.

(This is probably the choppiest entry I’ve had to
date.  My english teacher would kill me.)


.NET Performance Tuning

still haven’t read through this entire article, nor followed all of the embedded
links, which is a sign of how detailed this article is. It is
titled Planning,
testing and tuning for ASP.NET and IIS 6.0
 and has A LOT of information
that can come in handy.


The Attack of the Ex-Broncos!!

So after 32 years of being a Broncos fan and watching John Elway, Shannon Sharpe, Ed McCaffrey, Steve Atwater, the Three Amigos, etc. (if you don’t know who’s in the “Three Amigos“ and “etc.” part of that, perhaps this post will mean nothing to you) and never seeing any of them in person (besides when at a game), I kind of gave up on it.  Not that I’ve had a goal in life to follow these sports celebrities around and get their autograph or anything.  Quite the contrary, actually.  Sure, it would be nice to meet a few of these folks on a personal level just to see what type of person they really were, but it isn’t a requirement that must be fulfilled before I visit the Big House.

Coincidentally, I met two of the above mentioned Ex-Bronco’s in the same day…that day being today.  Oddly enough, in the exact same situation.  Ok, the first is a bit more probable (keep reading), but the second was just plain odd given the occurance of the first.

It just so happens that my current client hired Ed McCaffrey as a VP of sales within the last six months or so.  I’ve seen him walking around before and gave the appropriate “Hey” as we passed each other in the john, but that’s it.  Today when I was leaving work early to go to a doctor’s appointment (no, I’m not dying), I got on the elevator going down (because to go up when trying to leave would be silly.)  Three floors down the elevator stops, and I’m hoping that my Little Red-Haired Girl (see previous post on Holiday Parties) will be getting on, but I’m dissapointed.  It’s Ed McCaffrey.  Jacket in one hand and a book bag in the other with a bunch of stuff hanging out like he was leaving in a hurry.  We exchanged a few casual pleasantries and proceeded to the first floor.  Not a big deal in and of itself, but stick with me.  Oh, one more detail to point out is that I was checking a text message on my phone from my daughter on the elevator when Ed (yes, we’re on a first name basis) got on the elevator.

So after an excruciating drive south on I-25 (due to a three car accident that was caused, I’m certain, to add to my frustration) I arrive at my doctors office building (did I mention I’m not dying?)  As I’m walking towards the building from my Jeep, I look to my left and notice none other than John Elway walking to the same building!  He ends up walking in the same door as me (he even held it open for me…what a polite guy!) and proceeded to the same elevator bank.  So as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, we end up on the same elevator.  Oh, and I’m checking a text message on my phone from my daughter at the time.  Weird.  Either that means she was sending me a lot of messages, or it means something else that I really don’t understand at this point in my spiritual life.

Me and John Elway, riding an elevator together.  What would you do (assuming you know who he is?)  Ask for his autograph?  Give him a compliment on one (or more) of his many football accomplishments?  Try to make small talk?  Ask him what he’s doing these days?

You probably didn’t choose the small talk option, but I did.  I know…I’m brilliant.  I decided that Mr. Elway (no, we’re not on a first name basis) needed to know the fact that he was the second Ex-Bronco that I’d ridden in an elevator with that day.  He seemed to take the comment in stride.  At least he didn’t pull out a can of mace and scream “Stalker!!!!” while peppering my face.  It was a short elevator ride, so that’s all I got in.  After a few pleasantries from him, I was off.

My guess is that such a day will not occur again.  I’m satisfied.

Oh, and the doc said I’m not going to die.

SQL Server

Using a CTE for Heirarchical Query

project I did a few years back was for a large company with thousands of
employees.  The project was essentially building a system to allow managers
to evaluate employees and give them quarterly bonuses.  We had to take raw
data out of a PeopleSoft repository and build the company heirarchy so the
employees showed up on the appropriate managers screen, as well as so the
bonuses for employees at the lower levels rolled up to the higher managers level
so they could manage their department budgets appropriately.  The biggest
pain in this process was building queries to create this hierarchical
structure…And man, was it slow!  We eventually did some performance
tuning on it and got it to be acceptable, but it was still quite a query. 
Many lines of code!

I wish I had that same project on my new project
list for later this year!  Yukon is introducing the concept of “Common
Table Expression”, or CTE.  It essentially lets you perform a recursive
query…perfect for a hierarchy!

TheServerSide.NET has an article
on this exact subject

One of these days, I’d be interested in (finally)
installing a copy of Yukon and running a CTE and compare the performance with
one of the “old” queries we used in that project.  My guess is that it
would be a big improvement.


Free IT Subject Webcasts

Through Steve
Lamb’s blog
, I found IT
.  Just briefly reviewing what they have, looks like a
great place to go to learn some things through the old headset.  Steve
mentions security, but they have topics ranging from conference
presentations/interviews to law to blogging.