Blog Update and Move

Looks like I’m about 75% done migrating my blog from dotText to CommunityServer.  Lot’s of customization to come, but there’s plenty of time for that.

As a result of the migration, I’ve changed the URL to the blog.  What used to be http://weblogs.randomdust.com is now http://www.randomdust.com/blogs.  So http://weblogs.randomdust.com/ryan will now take you to http://www.randomdust.com/blogs/ryan.

For the two of you subscribed to this blog (hi Mom and Dad!), everything should work fine using existing URL’s except categories.  If you were subscribed to a feed for a specific category, you’ll need to change your feed location to use the new location.  Take a look in the left nav for the categories and respective feed links.

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