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Professional BizTalk Server 2006 Release

I’ve been keeping an eye on the development of the Professional BizTalk Server 2006 book as it’s being written, in as much as that’s possible, and recommending it to folks who are interested.  Most notably students in a recent BizTalk course I tought for a client.  Darren Jefford just hinted at an upcoming release date.  Keep your eyes peeled!


House Performance

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how “well” the new House has been doing with Pelosi at the helm, leading their 100 day march.  I really did try to take a look at it as an independent and find some positives, but they just aren’t there.  Most of what I’ve seen has been wasted tax dollars arguing policy that either is non-binding or will not pass the Senate, let alone get through the White House.  According to PoliPundit, Pelosi came out yesterday (no, she’s not gay) and gave herself a big pat on the back.  Now we have the biggest tax hike in history being championed in the House.  Is anyone holding these folks accountable??


Rename BizTalk 2006 Server

On certain BizTalk consulting engagements we’re responsible for setting up a development environment to be handed over to the client and used by their developers. Generally, we get a virtual server image and install and configure BizTalk to run isolated.

Sometimes isolated isn’t the best way to go and we want to add the machine to the clients domain so the server can have network access. To do that, the machine will need to be renamed. Since I’ll probably be leaving my current client to their own devices, I wanted to provide a document for them stepping through how to do this.

A quick Internet search came up with one of my co-workers, Wade, and a posting he wrote a couple weeks ago on his experience with changing the computer name. Great starting point for my document! Thanks, Wade.

By the way, we really need to work on our company collaboration!!

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