Customize Announcements Summary View

While looking at customizing some home page content (including the Announcements summary web part), I came across this little gem describing how to do things like remove the By and Modified date from the display.  It involves using SharePoint Designer to customize the page containing the summary web part, editing the XML that controls the display.  Not very user friendly, but I tried it and it gets the job done.  If you know of a better way to do this, speak up.

For instance, to remove the By section, do a search in the code for the following and remove it:

></HTML><HTML>by </HTML><Field Name="Author"/><HTML><![CDATA[</td><td width=20% align="]]></HTML><HTML>right</HTML><HTML><![CDATA[" nowrap class="ms-vb"> ]]

Thanks, Cory, whoever you are!


Lookup Feature by GUID

We’re currently in the process of moving from a staging environment to a new production environment migrating content from one to the other.  After migration there was an error on a standard site which basically had no content and one document library.  The error had to do with a missing feature, but only gave the GUID for the feature and the ID of the list.  I needed to find what feature was missing.

First I ran stsadm -o enumsolutions on the stage box to see if I could get lucky and find the feature that way.  No luck.

My next stop was the database looking directly for the feature by ID.  I did find it, but it didn’t yield any info that pointed me to the feature name.

Last resort, Google.  I did a search for the first part of the GUID and low and behold I found this List of Features with GUIDs.  Exactly what I needed!  That told me we were missing the core feature from the “Fantastic 40“.  Apparently, the group using that site had used one of the features from that set a while back and since removed it, but there was a hook left in somewhere.  After installing the application core, problem solved.