Gmail IMAP on Windows Mobile

Google released IMAP support.  Cool.  Here’s a good post on how to set it up, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Setup was pretty simple, but I had one puzzle to figure out.  When I delete a message on my phone what happens to it in Gmail?  According to the above post (and Gmail help), deleting a message removes the label from the message.  Maybe folks who are Gmail experts know how that affects a message in the inbox, but I didn’t.

What it means is that the message will be removed from the Inbox but it will still be viewable in All Mail.  If you want a message to be sent to the Trash folder while using WM (to simulate the same action when you click Delete on a message in Gmail in a browser), you move it to the [Gmail]Trash folder.  Doesn’t make sense why they did it that way, but they did.  Hope that helps someone.


Quick Launch Disappeared!

This was a weird one!  On one of our site collections for no particular reason the Quick Launch menu disappeared.  We’re still not sure what happened, but here’s how we fixed it.  I can’t take credit for this as my co-worker, Aldo, figured it out.

After a bit of research, he determined it was limited to a specific master page.  Once I opened the master page and made a small change and saved it, the Quick Launch reappeared. 

If you read this and have an idea on the cause, please comment.


Code Behind in SharePoint v3

Using code behind really expands what you can do in SharePoint, and a lot of folks don’t even realize it’s possible.  I’ve done it before while writing some custom web services and the same concepts apply.  Andrew Connell wrote a great article on how to do it so I figured I’d better link to it here before I forget how to do it!  Plus it doesn’t hurt to spread the word.  Thanks Andrew.