Issues with WSS SP1

Sorry Rich, things didn’t go so well on this end.  The install of SP1 went smoothly, and I liked how clean it was so that was nice.  After checking a few things out, though, I noticed two issues.

First, for some reason it decided to retract all of my custom solutions.  Oddly, it didn’t touch any of the Microsoft templates from the “Fabulous 40”, but it retracted everything else.

Second, and more concerning, is it disabled the ability to have a list automatically start a workflow.  Both when a new item is entered and when an item is updated.  These are for workflows created with Designer.  They work just fine if they are manually started, but auto doesn’t work anymore.  Nothing in the event log, nothing in SharePoint logs, and all services are up and running just fine.  I’m still trying to track that one down.


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