“Upgrade” Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training

The Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training was finally released recently.  We’ve been playing with the pre-release version in our MOSS environments for a couple months and were happy to see an update with more training content.

Since we already had a pre-release version installed, getting the latest version was more like an upgrade process.  But there is no upgrade process, at least that I could see.  I tried running stsadm -o upgradesolution on the .wsp and executing the .exe to load the new content, but the new content didn’t show up.

I ended up having to completely remove the pre-release version and then do a clean install.  The only hiccup I had in removal was that I did have to perform an iisreset after running removesolution since it was not able to remove the SLK folder in the 12 hive.  After iisreset the folder was removed and I could continue with the steps as documented.  I should note this was only required in one environment.  The other did not require the iisreset.

Good thing we didn’t have any users storing training progress in there otherwise we probably would’ve lost that data.

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