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Move Content Type Hub

I wouldn’t by default recommend moving a content type hub, but realizing there may be a need to do so at some point, here is a process for moving the hub. There may be some repercussions of doing a move that have not yet been realized, which may be why Microsoft doesn’t allow you to change the Hub Uri in a Managed Metadata Service properties window once it’s been set.

Backup-SPSite http://OldHubUrl
Remove-SPSite http://OldHubUrl
Restore-SPSite http://NewHubUrl
Set-SPMetadataService “<Managed Metadata Service Name> –huburi http://NewHubUrl

Once that’s done, the content types in the subscriber site collections will still look like they’re subscribed. They’ll be read only, and if you look on the Content Type Publishing page (Site Settings –> Content type publishing) you will see them listed with the new hub URL. However, the next time the subscriber job runs on the server, the content types will become editable. To fix this, you will need to republish your content types to get them reconnected to the new hub. Don’t forget this last step.

Use at your own risk.