Windows 8 Missing “Manage Wireless Networks”

Go ahead, look. It’s not there. I recently installed Windows 8 on my work laptop and needed to add a manual wireless connection for a client. Adding the connection works just as it did in Windows 7, no problem. I missed a setting when I set up the connection, though, so it didn’t work and the connection wasn’t listed in Windows 8 list of available connections for me to modify the properties. I needed to access what used to be the Manage Wireless Networks screen to modify the properties and get it to work, but since that isn’t available I did some searching on command line tools for managing wireless networks.

Although I didn’t find a command to magically open the “Manage Wireless Networks” screen (thinking it may still be on the OS just not linked to anywhere), I did find some commands that helped me thanks to a post on

To list the profiles and see if the one you need to access is there, run the following from a command prompt:  netsh wlan show profile

To delete a profile so you can manually enter it again, run the following:  netsh wlan delete profile “Your Profile Name”

Now you can again manually create the connection, this time choosing the right settings (in my case :)).

Another option would be to delete the wireless adapter and re-add it, but that removes all of the profiles so you need to re-add everything you had configured previously for other networks.

8 thoughts on “Windows 8 Missing “Manage Wireless Networks”

  1. Nope: the command screen only showed for a brief flash then went any without your being able to a) see it or b) do anything with it…..Microsoft must have learned about this trick and eliminated it.

    1. @Dr R, It sounds like you typed the command into the run field (windows key + r) rather than opening a command prompt and typing the command

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