SharePoint Fest Record Management Questions

Earlier today I presented a session at SharePoint Fest in Denver, CO on records management and touched on 2007 and 2010, leading into the new capabilities built into 2013. The audience was great and had some awesome questions, and there were a couple that stumped me. In case someone has the same question again, or the folks who asked check this blog, I wanted to make the answers available.

  1. Are the eDiscovery features only available in Enterprise? The answer I gave to this during the session was spot on, but I wanted to clarify. If you’re looking at Office 365, these features are available. However, they are only available on the E3 and E4 plans. For on-prem installs, the features are only available for Enterprise.
  2. Can you have multiple holds on a single item? Having never tried this I didn’t know the answer, but thinking it through I believe the answer is yes. I’m going to do some more testing and I’ll update here when I verify.

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