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First WordPress Post

I finally moved off of Community Server as my blog engine and migrated to this site using WordPress.  It’s all new to me so I’m still figuring out the settings, but with the help of my hosting company (WebHost4Life.com) and Vincent (support guy), I was able to get all the content over (I think.)

I decided to move off CS for a couple reasons.  First, I was on an older version of the software and to upgrade would’ve been a pain in the ass.  Second, I initially created the site thinking it would be used to host blogs for other coworkers and friends, and post pictures.  It seemed like folks I ran into that were interested in blogging already had a blog, so it became my personal site.  As for pictures, I’m still trying to figure that solution out, but I know CS isn’t part of it.  Perhaps a newer version would’ve been useful, but see previous first point.  Lastly, although the CS setting for allowing comments was set, no one could comment on my posts.  Not what I wanted.  I realize I don’t have a lot of readers, but I’d like to have the option for communication with anyone that stops by.

Hopefully WordPress will last a while for me.  I’d, of course, like to get on a SharePoint platform some day, but that will have to wait.  If anyone has any WordPress tips, feel free to leave them in the comments (because you can do that now!)

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InfoPath Master/Detail with SharePoint List Sources

I picked up some InfoPath requirements after one of our consultants had to leave so this one had to be done after dusting off the InfoPath brain cells.  I’m still not convinced this is the best way to get this done so please leave a comment if there’s a better way.

The InfoPath form needs to connect to two different SharePoint lists.  The first list is a list of Orders and the second is a list of Versions that apply to an Order.  There can be multiple Versions for each Order.  The goal was to create a master/detail type action where a user selects an order from a drop down, which then reloads the form with all of the version(s) and version details for that order displayed in a repeating table.  Doesn’t sound too hard, but I ran into some road blocks and had to resort to code.

Both roadblocks had to do with SharePoint lists as a source.  I don’t know if this is specific to SharePoint sources or just external sources in general, but you can’t use a SharePoint source in a master/detail relationship.  After dragging it onto the form, right click on the repeating table and view the properties.  The master/detail section is grayed out.  The second thing I ran into was trying to filter the SharePoint connection.  No luck there either, it’s not available.

After some searching, I found a post on implementing master/detail for a web based form which detailed some steps to pull in SharePoint data using a different method.  Instead of using the SharePoint List option when creating the connection, you use the XML option and point it to a URL which outputs the list data in XML format.  I won’t cover the details of that here as he covers it his post very well, but it’s using owssvr.dll.  That post solved my issues completely, but it was using code for InfoPath 2007.  I needed to convert that to be 2003 compatible. 

Since the 2003 compatible code is probably the only useful part of this post, here it is:

   1: public void OrderName_OnAfterChange(DataDOMEvent e)
   2: {
   3:     //Capture the new value for Order so we can filter the data just for that order
   4:     string newOrder = e.NewValue.ToString();
   6:     //Get a reference to the Card Version Adapter
   7:     XMLFileAdapterObject cardVersion = thisXDocument.DataAdapters["Card Version owssvr"] as XMLFileAdapterObject;
   9:     //Modify the Card Version adapter URL to append the filter
  10:     cardVersion.FileURL = cardVersion.FileURL + "&FilterField1=Order_x0020_Name&FilterValue1=" + newOrder;
  12:     //Re-query
  13:     cardVersion.Query();
  15:     if (e.IsUndoRedo)
  16:     {
  17:         // An undo or redo operation has occurred and the DOM is read-only.
  18:         return;
  19:     }
  21:     // A field change has occurred and the DOM is writable.
  22:     // Write your code here.
  23: }

Pretty simple, but it took some SDK searching to find the right classes.  I’m using the XMLFileAdapterObject to grab the “Card Version owssvr” data connection, then I change the URL using FileURL similar to how Ishai modified the FileLocation property of the FileQueryConnection object.  Like I said, nothing fancy, but I thought it may come in handy for folks looking for a solution similar to Ishai’s, but who can’t use InfoPath 2007.