Landis Doping?

Oh hell…I hope not.  Right now the story from ESPN is that his first sample tested positive for testosterone.  They’re currently doing a test on his second sample. As a cycling fan, this might be […] Read More

The Big Lebowski Short

I came across this little gem (video link containing adult language) through Brad Feld.  It’s a shortened version of The Big Lebowski, focusing on one of the more popular words used throughout the movie.  It’s condensed […] Read More

How Many of Us Are There??

For a few years now I’ve known of another Ryan McIntyre.  This one is in the IT industry as well, although now more on the VC side of the world (at least from the sounds […] Read More

The Art of The Finish

I came across The Art of The Finish post by D. Keith Robinson through my Lifehacker feed.  Very good advice on things to keep in mind when tackling a project, software or otherwise.  It seems […] Read More

Republicans Better in Bed

I’m slowly catching up on my magazine reading and finally opened the “sex” issue of GQ from a month or two ago.  I found a GREAT article by an anonymous woman that gives 10 1/2 […] Read More

March Madness…Madness!!

My bracket is more or less already shot to hell, but there are some serious games going on!  I think tonight’s games are the two best games I’ve seen that were played in the same […] Read More

Katrina vs. Tsunami

Details are still being put together in the aftermath of the tragedy caused by Katrina down along the Gulf Coast.  The best estimate at this point is that there will be thousands dead and take […] Read More

Customize .Text Through CSS

Pimped My Blog  


Granted no one has yet to really read this blog (at least no one that has let me know about it), but for some reason I have been getting the occassional comment spam. I found a […] Read More

Poker Chip Tricks

A friend at work showed me this site today, which was appropriate since we just played poker last night.  I guess it was my night, because I won!  Only $75, but enough to cover my […] Read More