FeatureReceiver For Applying Custom Web.Config Changes

As I was reading through my SharePoint feeds I came across a post that struck a cord with me.  The post is by Mike Stringfellow and is about updating sections of the web.config through a […] Read More

Error Viewing Audit Reports

SharePoint auditing came up this past week so I thought it would be good to pull up my VPC and review the options.  I went in to Site Settings and ensured the feature was Active, […] Read More

FeedReader Contribution

I recently made some changes to Tim Heuer’s FeedReader to help fulfill some client requirements and made some time to contribute the changes to the CodePlex project for others to use.  We have been happily […] Read More

SharePoint Deployment Guidelines

Apparently Microsoft and I are on the same schedule.  I’ve had an outstanding task to write some deployment guidelines for my current client and we’ve finally been able to give it a priority where I […] Read More

Designer Workflow “Unknown Error”

We had to go to Microsoft for this solution so I can’t take credit for it but I wanted to post the info here for others who may run into it. Issue: We have a […] Read More

Workflow Issues After WSS SP1

As I mentioned in my previous post on my SP1 issues, my Designer workflows stopped working after the service pack.  Specifically, it would no longer start workflows automatically. I still don’t have the answer (bad […] Read More

Issues with WSS SP1

Sorry Rich, things didn’t go so well on this end.  The install of SP1 went smoothly, and I liked how clean it was so that was nice.  After checking a few things out, though, I […] Read More

“Upgrade” Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training

The Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training was finally released recently.  We’ve been playing with the pre-release version in our MOSS environments for a couple months and were happy to see an update with more training […] Read More

Attach File to List Item Error After Customizing NewForm.aspx

Background:  There was a business requirement to customize a NewForm.aspx page for a list to remove some of the fields shown to a user when they enter a new item into a list.  To fulfill […] Read More

Another “Ryan” at Statera

Can’t have too many!!  We hired Ryan McCutchen to help out with some MOSS work, especially from the end users perspective.  I found out about his new blog from Wade.  Subscribed. Welcome to the club!