Display New Icon in SPGridView

This took waaaayyyy too long to figure out.  The requirement was to display the New icon on new items being displayed in an SPGridView according to the same rules used to display the icon in, […] Read More

Quick Launch Disappeared!

This was a weird one!  On one of our site collections for no particular reason the Quick Launch menu disappeared.  We’re still not sure what happened, but here’s how we fixed it.  I can’t take […] Read More

Code Behind in SharePoint v3

Using code behind really expands what you can do in SharePoint, and a lot of folks don’t even realize it’s possible.  I’ve done it before while writing some custom web services and the same concepts […] Read More

Customize Announcements Summary View

While looking at customizing some home page content (including the Announcements summary web part), I came across this little gem describing how to do things like remove the By and Modified date from the display.  […] Read More

Lookup Feature by GUID

We’re currently in the process of moving from a staging environment to a new production environment migrating content from one to the other.  After migration there was an error on a standard site which basically […] Read More

Details for “Copy List Item” Action

Want a challenge?  Do a search to try to find out how the Copy List Item action works within SharePoint Designer.  Find answers to questions like “Does it copy columns by name or by ordinal […] Read More

Days Until Next Event

Scenario:  A list contains items which have a recurring date.  Anniversary, birthday, things like that.  We want to calculate how many days remain until the next occurrence of that event. Solution:  Create a calculated column […] Read More

stsadm restore Results in “No content databases are available for this operation…”

I needed to “rename” (change the URL of) a site collection today so I went in and did a backup, and then went to restore using the new URL.  When I ran the restore with the new […] Read More

Nuggets from Working with Large Lists White Paper

Other than the obvious benefit of learning the best methods for dealing with large lists, there are a couple related nuggets covered in the white paper titled Working with Large Lists in Office SharePoint Server […] Read More

Site Column to Crawled Property to Managed Property

Apparently the lifecycle of a site column (or other property for that matter) to become a crawled and then managed property isn’t easy to remember as I’ve had to “discover” it more than once.  Let’s […] Read More