New Icon on New Items

I got a question today asking what the criteria was for how long the !New icon is displayed on new items in a list.  Hell if I know…So I did some research. Taking a look at […] Read More

Authorized Types

I ran into this when using SharePoint Designer to create a simple workflow.  When I went to deploy the workflow to my site, I got a bunch of errors that looked like this: (0, 0) […] Read More

Custom Code Access Security for Web Parts

We’ve been trying to figure out a way to do some custom searching in MOSS here for a couple weeks.  The first plan of attack was a custom Content Query Web Part using CommonViewFields hooked […] Read More

How to Deploy a Custom Activity as a Feature

Henry asked me to figure out a way to easily deploy the custom activity I wrote, so with a suggestion and a pointer from him I was on my way.  The end result is deployment […] Read More

SharePoint Logs

I know I implied earlier I wouldn’t be posting trivial stuff…Although this may fall into that category, it also falls in to the category of “Ryan will forget this”. We don’t have a way to […] Read More

Custom Workflow Activity for SharePoint Designer to Retrieve Manager

My recent task was to create a custom workflow activity that users could access in SharePoint Designer which would be used to retrieve a users manager from Active Directory.  No, you don’t get this out […] Read More

New SharePoint Category

No more playing around.  After lots of labs, classes, webcasts, reading, etc. on SharePoint 2007 (MOSS), I’m now on a project actually working with it.  I’ve been on it for about 6 weeks now so […] Read More