Speaking at SharePoint Live!

I’ll be speaking at a brand new SharePoint conference for SharePoint administrators, developers and planners – SharePoint Live!, December 10-14 in Orlando, FL. I’ll be presenting the following sessions: Using SharePoint for Your Internet […] Read More

Windows 8 Missing “Manage Wireless Networks”

Go ahead, look. It’s not there. I recently installed Windows 8 on my work laptop and needed to add a manual wireless connection for a client. Adding the connection works just as it did in […] Read More

SharePoint Fest 2012 Recap

SharePoint Fest Denver was a week ago now and I’m finally finding time to post this recap. It was a great event, especially for Neudesic. We had our Portals & Collaboration and Mobility GM’s in […] Read More

Move Content Type Hub

I wouldn’t by default recommend moving a content type hub, but realizing there may be a need to do so at some point, here is a process for moving the hub. There may be some […] Read More

Create a Record Search Center

The new In-Place record declaration functionality in SharePoint 2010 is a nice feature, but once you use it in a farm for a while, sooner or later users will need to find items that have […] Read More

How SharePoint Declares Items as a Record

This is one of those posts that’s been in my head for a while. I had some time on the couch last weekend and was prompted by a question in the SharePoint forums so I […] Read More

Missing Upload.aspx in a Document Library

A departure from my normal post…I usually try to stick to only posting solutions to weird situations I run into, or recommendations from real world experiences, or the occasional post on community or work activities. […] Read More

How to Add a Field (Site Column) SPI to Visual Studio

When you import a site template into Visual Studio and include the site columns, it will create a “Fields” item with a fancy icon: I was asked earlier how to add a similar SPI to […] Read More

WebTemplate Presentation for CO SharePoint User Group

Many thanks to all who attended last nights Colorado SharePoint User Group meeting! I had a great time presenting on Web Templates (and Site Definitions and Site Templates ) and it was awesome catching up […] Read More

Calculated Column Nested Function Limit

Most sites that have posted on the nesting function limit for calculated columns in SharePoint (at least the one’s I found) state that the limit for nesting is eight. Those sites include Intro to Data […] Read More