Changing the App Pool Identity using STSADM

Ok, ok…I didn’t write it.  But I was in the room when it was written!!  My co-worker Gary Lapointe presented last week to the Colorado Springs SharePoint User Group on customizing STSADM and his “demo” […] Read More

MCS Co-Worker Finally Blogging

It took him a while, but Sameer Surve finally has a blog!  He’s been my MCS counterpart at my current client for the last year and a half (give or take), and he definitely has […] Read More

Web.Config FeatureReceiver Update

After my previous post outlining my custom Feature Receiver used to update any section of a web.config file, I had some follow up email conversations with Mike about his post and us possibly collaborating on […] Read More

InfoPath Master/Detail with SharePoint List Sources

I picked up some InfoPath requirements after one of our consultants had to leave so this one had to be done after dusting off the InfoPath brain cells.  I’m still not convinced this is the […] Read More

Test Twitter Notifier from Live Writer

Trying out the Twitter Notifier using Live Writer.  Found in the Live Writer SDK for Technical Preview.  This should show up on my Twitter feed.

Rename BizTalk 2006 Server (Details)

I posted about this previously, but I wanted to post the steps I used to actually rename the server. Open BizTalk Server Configuration and Unconfigure all features Exit the BizTalk Server Configuration Open SQL Server […] Read More

Posting With Word 2007

Ok, that was a bit more work than I thought. I wanted to figure out how to post from Word since I have some cool documents with pictures in them I wanted to add to […] Read More

Professional BizTalk Server 2006 Release

I’ve been keeping an eye on the development of the Professional BizTalk Server 2006 book as it’s being written, in as much as that’s possible, and recommending it to folks who are interested.  Most notably […] Read More

Google Apps for Small Business

The recent “release” of Google Apps seems to be targeting small business head on.  Although there really isn’t anything new with the release (hence the quotes earlier), the concept of providing 24/7 support, API’s, and […] Read More

Vista Annoyances

I’ll be upgrading my home pc to Vista if Dell ever gets off their ass and ships out the upgrade discs.  When I do, I’m sure there will be things that are new or different […] Read More