I’m reaching out to you (if anyone still reads this blog) looking for some support with a charity. For those of you that are hockey fans, you’re familiar with the NHL tradition of the players growing beards as long as their team is in the playoffs. If you’re not hockey fans, trust me, they do. There’s a new charity (at least new to me) that is extending that to fans and at the same time working to raise money for charities. I decided to participate and see if I can become The Most Interesting Man in the World!

The Colorado Avalanche charity benefiting from this program is KSE Charities, a charity that supports Colorado kids and families by providing health, education, literacy and fitness programs. A good cause, if you ask me (otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing it!) Any donation you make will be tax deductible.

If you’re interested in donating, or just interested in following along in the path to a great beard, check out http://www.beardathon.com/avalanche/rmcintyre/profile.aspx.

Thanks for taking the time.



Blog Update and Move

Looks like I’m about 75% done migrating my blog from dotText to CommunityServer.  Lot’s of customization to come, but there’s plenty of time for that.

As a result of the migration, I’ve changed the URL to the blog.  What used to be http://weblogs.randomdust.com is now http://www.randomdust.com/blogs.  So http://weblogs.randomdust.com/ryan will now take you to http://www.randomdust.com/blogs/ryan.

For the two of you subscribed to this blog (hi Mom and Dad!), everything should work fine using existing URL’s except categories.  If you were subscribed to a feed for a specific category, you’ll need to change your feed location to use the new location.  Take a look in the left nav for the categories and respective feed links.


Posting Frustrations

I spent quite a bit of time writing a post on the recent company holiday parties I attended (I’ll rewrite it later).  Unfortunately, in the middle of writing that post, I left the computer for a while. 

Being an experienced web developer, you would think I would realize that the admin section of .Text is based on forms authentication and it more than likely has a auth cookie that expires.  I guess in the back of my head I did realize it, but I did nothing about it.

So I click submit on the post and…kablam!!  The next page I see is the login page.  I immediately realize what has happened and begin cursing.  I hit my back button hoping the text has been saved…no luck.

Oh well.  I’m new to this blogging thing and expect to screw a few things up.  I’ve read a bit about w.bloggar, so it may be time to look into it a bit further.


Fingerprint Reader

I just read this post from Michael Creasy where he talks about his experience with the fingerprint reader device from Microsoft.

That may be exactly what I’ve needed (and didn’t know it) to help solve the problem of getting Lauren and Kyla logged into the home pc.  I’ve restrained from creating them an account for the fear of them forgetting their password, so they’ve been using my account and I have to log them in when they want to use the computer.

Oh, and it would be a neat toy for me to have as well!


MSN Spaces

So no less than two days after I get this site up and running with .Text, MSN comes out with MSN Spaces.  Figures.  I’ll look into it a bit more, but I like having the customization options.  I guess I’ll always be a “do-it-yourself” kind of guy!

Scoble has a quick summary on the features and some of the lowlights and highlights.