Debugging WF Workflows Hosted in ASP.NET

I came across these tips on Debugging WF-based workflows hosted in ASP.NET from a link on Chances are, I would’ve struggled with this for a few hours before figuring it out. Thanks Christian!

VS2003 & GAC Impact on References

I haven’t played around enough with Visual Studio 2005 to know if this issue is resolved, but I hope it is.  This is becoming more and more of a pain for me, although I think […] Read More

Binding a Receive Port with a Service Window

Summary:  Forget about it. Detail:  I had a need to set up a service window on a receive port (FTP, if that matters to anyone)…fine.  Went into my dev box and set it up through […] Read More

Visual Studio Team System Deep Dive

I just finished a two day Deep Dive workshop on Visual Studio Team System (VSTS).  Summary:  Cool stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times I wished my current client would adopt this technology. Even […] Read More

Generate C# Source Files for BizTalk

This could be fun to see how BizTalk generates code for the orchestrations, etc., as well as be used for debugging.  Cool registry setting.

Parallel Receive Timeout

On my latest project I had a need to implement a Parallel Receive to receive three files before proceeding in the orchestration.  There was another requirement to email support staff if all three files were […] Read More

BizTalk 2004 Documenter

I was just doing some catch up reading while watching the Avs (2-2, beginning of the 2nd period) so I may be posting a few notes.  While reading Scott Colestock’s site I came across the […] Read More

Katrina vs. Tsunami

Details are still being put together in the aftermath of the tragedy caused by Katrina down along the Gulf Coast.  The best estimate at this point is that there will be thousands dead and take […] Read More

BizTalk Map Assembly Updates

While searching for some BizTalk answers, I came across this post that details how to update a mapping assembly in production without re-deploying. Perhaps old news to most, but new news to me.

BizTalk Load Testing

Scott Woodgate posted info on a new BizTalk load testing tool that was just released.  This will definitely come in handy!!  Thanks, Scott.