Pass-Thru Orchestration

We all know what a PassThru Pipeline is.  Well, I needed a PassThru Orchestration.  The requirement being that I needed to receive one file (non-XML), wait to see if a different file is received (non-XML), […] Read More

BizTalk Resources

My latest client is doing a project with BizTalk 2004 so I’ve been doing a crash education trying to get up to speed.  Here are a few resources I’ve found. Scott Woodgate’s blog  Microsoft guy.Andy […] Read More

.NET Breadcrumb Control

Nifty: Breadcrumb Control  

Customize .Text Through CSS

Pimped My Blog  


Granted no one has yet to really read this blog (at least no one that has let me know about it), but for some reason I have been getting the occassional comment spam. I found a […] Read More

Poker Chip Tricks

A friend at work showed me this site today, which was appropriate since we just played poker last night.  I guess it was my night, because I won!  Only $75, but enough to cover my […] Read More

Dan Rather’s Retirement Party

The Rather-Gate is getting Rather interesting.  Get it…Rather…rather…oh nevermind. Once the blog community exposed the deception with the CBS Bush report having to do with his Guard service, I just chalked it up to the […] Read More

Broncos vs. Colts, Take 1

I had tickets to the last regular season game of the Broncos vs. the Colts.  The Broncs had to win to make the playoffs, and the Colts could care less as the game meant nothing […] Read More

.NET Performance Tuning

I still haven’t read through this entire article, nor followed all of the embedded links, which is a sign of how detailed this article is. It is titled Planning, testing and tuning for ASP.NET and IIS 6.0 and […] Read More

The Attack of the Ex-Broncos!!

So after 32 years of being a Broncos fan and watching John Elway, Shannon Sharpe, Ed McCaffrey, Steve Atwater, the Three Amigos, etc. (if you don’t know who’s in the “Three Amigos“ and “etc.” part […] Read More