Month: December 2004


I’ve never run into the situation where I was worried about a table being accidentally dropped (maybe I should have been?) as I usually let a good security model restrict that.  But, accidents do happen. […] Read More

Select DISTINCT in a DataTable

Just a quick bookmark…Found this posting by Sahil Malik on how to implement a SELECT DISTINCT from a DataTable.  It required the table to be sorted, but it’s a good start.

Zipcode/Postalcode Validation

My current client has customers that are located all throughout the world, but the majority of which reside or work in the US, Canada or the UK.  We recently had a situation where a user […] Read More

Research Your House

I’m terrible with names.  So much so that if I don’t use it on a daily basis I’ll more than likely forget it within a couple of days.  Such is the case with my neighbors.  […] Read More

What’s the Population of Madagascar?

Beats me. But I found a really cool site that will tell you.  And the best part is, it’s paid for by our tax dollars. It’s called The World Factbook and is put together by our […] Read More

Is Your Fourth Grader a Criminal

The whole “school violence” and political correctness of this world is really getting to me.  As a father of two it’s getting close to being frightening.  Not that I’m worried my kids will be the […] Read More

Code Snippets in Visual Studio

There’s a lot to be said for working solo, but working in an environment with other developers definitely has its advantages.  Earlier, I posted about a co-worker who asked me a question about SQL and […] Read More

Conditional JOIN’s

A co-worker asked me earlier today if there was a way to do a conditional join. Meaning he had two tables and he wanted to join to one or the other within his query, depending […] Read More

Company Holiday Party(ies)

Ok, let’s try this again.  I’ll try not to lose this post before it makes it to the warm and cozy Home away from Home, otherwise known as SQL Server. So I had two parties […] Read More

Posting Frustrations

I spent quite a bit of time writing a post on the recent company holiday parties I attended (I’ll rewrite it later).  Unfortunately, in the middle of writing that post, I left the computer for […] Read More