Is Your Fourth Grader a Criminal

The whole “school violence” and political correctness of this world is really getting to me.  As a father of two it’s getting close to being frightening.  Not that I’m worried my kids will be the victim of some crazy kid…I’m more worried that they will be the victim of some crazy school administration policy.

Here are the latest examples of school administrations “protecting” our kids:

Philadelphia A fourth grader going to school to get an education ends up being dragged away to the police station in handcuffs.  Did she threaten someone?  Did she beat someone up?  Did she get caught with drugs?  No, much worse…She brought a pair of scissors to school.  That’s right, a pair of scissors.  She didn’t threaten anyone with them.  She didn’t use them in a threatening way.  She just brought a pair of scissors.  Probably to help with an art project.  I don’t blame her.  Those school scissors are crap.  But, apparently it’s not just against school policy but it’s so looked down upon that the kid needed to be dragged away in handcuffs.  Ridiculous!

Louisiana A fourth grade girl and her mother decide it would be nice to make some Jello and bring it to school for her classmates.  They decide to use little individual cups, like what you would use for Jello shots at a bar (turns out her mom works at a bar, which is probably where the idea came from.)  Turns out that was the wrong choice.  The girl was suspended nine days for “possession of materials that appear to contain alcohol.”  Yes, you read that right.  Possession of materials that appear to contain alcohol.  Not “possession of material that contains alcohol”, but that “appears to contain alcohol”.  Ever seen those root beer bottles that look like beer bottles?  Better not send any to school with your kid!

Policies like this are what’s leading so many parents to take their kids out of public schools and either put them into a private school or home-school.  I don’t know if the school districts don’t understand that, or they just don’t care because they’re too scared of being sued by a parent who says their kid is emotionally damaged because they saw a real pair of scissors at school. 

I think I’ll just do what all the democrats did after losing this last Presidential election…I’m moving to Canada.

(Update 12/14: The police chief apologized for the arrest of the fourth grader, but still no apology from the school district. Just a statement saying that they wasted “vital law enforcement resources.”)

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