Posting Frustrations

I spent quite a bit of time writing a post on the recent company holiday parties I attended (I’ll rewrite it later).  Unfortunately, in the middle of writing that post, I left the computer for a while. 

Being an experienced web developer, you would think I would realize that the admin section of .Text is based on forms authentication and it more than likely has a auth cookie that expires.  I guess in the back of my head I did realize it, but I did nothing about it.

So I click submit on the post and…kablam!!  The next page I see is the login page.  I immediately realize what has happened and begin cursing.  I hit my back button hoping the text has been saved…no luck.

Oh well.  I’m new to this blogging thing and expect to screw a few things up.  I’ve read a bit about w.bloggar, so it may be time to look into it a bit further.

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