Research Your House

I’m terrible with names.  So much so that if I don’t use it on a daily basis I’ll more than likely forget it within a couple of days.  Such is the case with my neighbors.  I met them when I first moved in, didn’t talk to them for a couple of days, and promptly forgot their names.  So now whenever I talk to the husband, I can’t call him by name.  The only reason I know his wife’s name is because he uses it in the context of our conversations.

Anyway, they have been really nice and, well, neighborly since I moved in.  The most notable event was when I mentioned I was going to build a dog room for the mutt in my basement so she can come in out of the cold whenever she wants.  His response, whatever his name is, was to mention that he had some left over chain-link fencing and I could use it if I thought it would help.  What a great idea!  A quick and easy way to create a dog room, at least temporarily, that will get CJ out of the cold.  So, I said yes and proceeded to bolt the fencing into my unfinished basement wall studs.  Perfect.  He even had a gate!

Looking back at the top of this post I’m reminded of the reason for this post.  I wanted to get my neighbors something for Christmas (or “The Holidays”, to be PC) to thank them for their generosity, but I have no idea what their names are!  Government to the rescue!

A few minutes on the Internet and I found that my city government website has a tool that allows you to enter an address and view a satellite picture of that address.  Perfect for me since I didn’t happen to look to see what my neighbors address was.  Then I went over to my county’s website and found a cool tool that allows you to enter an address (or a range of addresses) and it will show you the history of the house.  Things like previous sales, past permits, various details on the house structure, and…the current owner.  Just what I wanted.

So I set out to kill one bird (get my neighbors names) and ended up killing two birds.  I looked up my address while I was there and learned a bit about my homes history.  Although the info is somewhat limited, it’s more than what I knew before today!

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