Broncos vs. Colts, Take 1

had tickets to the last regular season game of the Broncos vs. the Colts. 
The Broncs had to win to make the playoffs, and the Colts could care less as the
game meant nothing as they already had their playoff spot locked up.  So
essentially the Broncos gave it their all and the Colts sat their star
players.  The Broncos won, but it was closer than it should’ve

It was kind of cold and the seats were way up at
the top, but it was a good experience.  It was my first time at the “new”
stadium, so that was cool.  My friend Dave went with me and brought his
camera…he just posted his
which prompted me to write this entry.

(This is probably the choppiest entry I’ve had to
date.  My english teacher would kill me.)

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