Pass-Thru Orchestration

We all know what a PassThru Pipeline is.  Well, I needed a PassThru Orchestration.  The requirement being that I needed to receive one file (non-XML), wait to see if a different file is received (non-XML), and process the second file first if it was received, then process the first file.  Another big “gotcha” was that the files needed to go through a pipeline after they were received to decrypt them, so I needed a second orchestration to process the file after it was received by the first.

That may not make sense (I guess ya had to be there), but the gist of it is I needed an orchestration to receive a non-XML file and send that exact non-XML file.  Being the novice that I am, I had no idea how to go about doing this.  So, I sent a message to my co-worker and BizTalk mentor, Mathew.  He replied with the following links, saying it would probably be possible using the technique these folks are using to send email:

Receiving RawStrings
Sending a Text Email Message From an Orchestration

It was pretty simple.  I used the technique listed on the bottom of the page of the first link for the receive, then simply sent the RawString message out through a PassThru send pipeline.  Genious!

As a side note, when searching on another problem today I came across a guy who had figured out how to call a pipeline from within an orchestration.  This probably would’ve been a bit easier and less convoluted for my situation, but it was too little too late.

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