Katrina vs. Tsunami

Details are still being put together in the aftermath of the tragedy caused by Katrina down along the Gulf Coast.  The best estimate at this point is that there will be thousands dead and take many months, if not closer to a year, to get to a point where people can move back into various cities, including New Orleans.

Like many, I can easily make a comparison between this tragedy and the Tsunami that hit southern Asia.  Both were natural disasters, both involved water as the main destruction force, both killed (apparently) thousands, both have caused destruction that will take many months to recover from.  There are more, but those are the biggys. 

Two additional commonalities are more on the positive side, and hopefully will end up being the “take away” from the tragedies.  First, each tragedy has lead to various governments and private agencies focusing more on preparedness.  This will help with future incidents to reduce the negative impact.  Second, both have caused nations and people from around the world to come together in order to assist those in need.  I’m sure there are all kinds of psychological benefits to these activities, but the biggest benefit I see is the world “practicing” at working together.  When I want to have a more effective sand shot when playing golf, I practice.  The more I practice, the better I get.  Hopefully we see the same results here.  It might take a while, perhaps not even in my lifetime.  But a guy can dream, can’t he?

Now on to what really pisses me off and is the main reason for me making this comparison.  I by no means have the answers to these questions, but why in the hell do Americans resort to looting, violence, car jackings, murder, fighting, arson, …damn, I could go on and on.  It seems like the big stories coming out of the Gulf these days are about stupid things people are doing.  Let’s see how this mentality works:
”Ok, I’m stranded on a roof with my family and friends…and some strangers.  We need help.  Oh look, here comes a helicopter…wait…it’s not going to rescue us?….what the?”

Do you
A)  Realize the copter is going to help someone who needs it more than I do and wait for the next copter/boat/whatever
B)  Realize there are a lot of people in need of help and you may need to start figuring out how to help yourself
C)  Pull out your 9mm and shoot at the copter in hopes of convincing them to come pick you up

For folks that went through the Tsunami, I’m betting they went with option A or B.  C probably didn’t even cross their minds! 

Give an American these choices and apparently option C is not only a viable option, but the first option.  Ok, I’m generalizing.  Perhaps the folks who choose C are specific to a certain economic or social status?  Perhaps those who shoot guns at those working to save refugees are those who haven’t learned any other way to deal with adversity?  Perhaps they’re just really, really scared and don’t know what else to do?  Well, perhaps these are all valid points.  But guess what…they were all valid points in South Asia as well!  Damn, people.

I could go into a whole long schpeel on how the socialist/democratic mentality that has spread like a virus around this country has made people so dependent they don’t know how to take care of themselves, but I won’t.

I will say this…Folks who are dealing with this first hand and resort to breaking the law in order to attempt to survive more than likely did not vote for Bush.

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