Binding a Receive Port with a Service Window

Summary:  Forget about it.

Detail:  I had a need to set up a service window on a receive port (FTP, if that matters to anyone)…fine.  Went into my dev box and set it up through BizTalk Explorer.  Exported the binding file so I could script the production change and rebind the production environment using the new service window.  Well, the binding export utility doesn’t inlcude service window info on a receive location.  Why?  I don’t know.

I tried manually scripting the info in the binding file, but the import just ignores it.

I did some standard google and blog searching.  Google came up with about five posts where users were asking how to do this, but no one replied.  The blog search came up with a possible option, but not using standard scripting/binding files.  The option had to do with utilizing a custom tool this guy (Brian Loesgen) wrote which basically taps into the BTS Explorer Object Model and imports an XML file.  To use this (if it would even work) I would have to modify my deployment to call this component and manage the config file.  Not a big deal, no. 

But it’s less of a deal to just not worry about it and do it manually using my trusty BizTalk Management Tool (which I see has an update…I’ll have to grab that!)

(Edit:  I meant to point to this post by Leonid Ganeline where she was having the same problem and question, but no solution.)

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