Month: March 2006

BizTalk Implementation & Tuning Best Practices

Earlier today I attended an MSDN webcast on Implementation & Tuning given by two of the Microsoft BizTalk Rangers, Jeff Nordlund and Petr Kratochvil.  The Rangers (I had no idea what they did) are a […] Read More

March Madness…Madness!!

My bracket is more or less already shot to hell, but there are some serious games going on!  I think tonight’s games are the two best games I’ve seen that were played in the same […] Read More

ASP.NET/WF Integration

Along the lines of my previous post, and discovered through the same source (, Jon “stole” an idea I had on how to use WF in an ASP.NET app to manage page flow.  I say […] Read More

Debugging WF Workflows Hosted in ASP.NET

I came across these tips on Debugging WF-based workflows hosted in ASP.NET from a link on Chances are, I would’ve struggled with this for a few hours before figuring it out. Thanks Christian!

VS2003 & GAC Impact on References

I haven’t played around enough with Visual Studio 2005 to know if this issue is resolved, but I hope it is.  This is becoming more and more of a pain for me, although I think […] Read More