March Madness…Madness!!

My bracket is more or less already shot to hell, but there are some serious games going on!  I think tonight’s games are the two best games I’ve seen that were played in the same night. 

First, Texas beats W.V. on a last second three after W.V. goes ahead on a three of their own with something like 5 seconds left. 

Then UCLA beats Gonzaga on what has to be one of the best games this year.  Gonzaga led all game, until UCLA went ahead on a steal and bucket with something like 8 seconds left.  The Zags had a chance with a last second shot but no such luck.  The result was Morrison crying in the middle of the floor (he actually started crying BEFORE the game was even over.)  Granted, he’s a great college player, but, man is he easy to not like!

I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s game…although I don’t think they’ll live up to tonight!  Go UConn!

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