Month: April 2006

Update for ThreadPool Issue

Here’s some additional information concerning my previous post on fixing some thread pool errors.  After implementing that fix, we ran a file that created over 100 concurrent instances.  Well, the MaxIOThreads and MaxWorkerThreads were both […] Read More

Deploying a BizTalk Web Service

I’ve done plenty of development projects on my own to make sure I know how to expose an orchestration through a webservice (”expose” is probably the wrong word but it’s what the industry uses.)  What […] Read More

Fix(es) for Thread Pool Errors in a BizTalk Web Service Call

In my last post on BizTalk Implementation & Tuning Best Practices I mentioned a threading issue I was trying to resolve.  I’m happy to say it’s been resolved!  Below are the details and solution. BizTalk Process […] Read More