How Many of Us Are There??

For a few years now I’ve known of another Ryan McIntyre.  This one is in the IT industry as well, although now more on the VC side of the world (at least from the sounds of things on his blog).  Earlier today a co-worker sent me a couple links to some new search engines, so I thought I would try them out by putting my name in.  Of course, the Ryan McIntyre I mentioned was the first link to come up.  I had a couple minutes time so I decided to see what he was up to and followed the link.  I found a couple interesting posts, but one that jumped out at me was one mentioning he had just bought a home in Boulder, where I was born.  I thought that was an odd coincidence so I decided I’d better subscribe.  I also sent him an email just to say hi.  We’ll see if I hear anything back.

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