Landis Doping?

Oh hell…I hope not.  Right now the story from ESPN is that his first sample tested positive for testosterone.  They’re currently doing a test on his second sample.

As a cycling fan, this might be the straw that breaks the camels back for me.  When I heard Basso and Ullrich, and others, were denied their entry into the Tour on another doping scandle I thew up my arms.  I actually only watched the last few stages this year, where in past years I would’ve watched or listened to most of the stages.  There is just way too much of this going on for the sport to be reputable.

The main question I would have is who is not being reputable.  Either the International Cycling Union is really screwed up and/or their tests are just not realistic, or the athletes are being complete idiots and trying to cheat as much as possible.  Or both, I guess.  Hell, the nine that were kicked out of the Tour before it even started didn’t even fail a test…they were just associated with the wrong doctor!  They really need to get their act together over there.

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