The Art of The Finish

I came across The Art of The Finish post by D. Keith Robinson through my Lifehacker feed.  Very good advice on things to keep in mind when tackling a project, software or otherwise.  It seems directed towards more of an IT group, but there are points in there that got me to thinking about my basement finishing project.  One worth repeating for me is titled “Don’t Get Hung Up On Mistakes.”  A tidbit:

“You’re going to screw up somewhere along the way. Acknowledge your mistakes, do what you can to fix them and move on. Do not get caught up in the blame game or spend any time on excuses.”

This one was hard for me when working on my basement.  I wanted everything to be perfect, which had two side-effects.  One, I took more time than normal to do things I expected to be perfect.  Two, I was reluctant to let others help since I didn’t think they would do as good of a job as me.  Although it may be true that by letting others do some tasks the quality was a bit less than what I would’ve done, if those people wouldn’t have helped me the project would still be going on.  (Ok, technically, it’s still going on since I have a few things to finish up, but it’s more or less done.)

A link found in The Art of The Finish post points to another good idea:  The Fuck Off Flag (F.O.F.).  A very good idea, if you can get others in your office to accept the rule.  Probably easier in a small company, unless you’re in a position to dictate rules such as these.

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