The Big Lebowski Short

I came across this little gem (video link containing adult language) through Brad Feld.  It’s a shortened version of The Big Lebowski, focusing on one of the more popular words used throughout the movie.  It’s condensed to only a couple minutes but still quite a good summary.  One of my favorite all time movies, and this definitely does it justice.

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  1. Brad Feld says:

    Ok my brain hurts. When Technorati caught your post/link, I thought it was my partner Ryan McIntyre (from Mobius). Then I clicked through and didn’t recognize the blog (when did Ryan start talking about SQL Server?) I read a few posts and saw your last post on your evil twin Ryan moving to Boulder (where I live.)

    How entertaining. If Ryan doesn’t respond to your email, send me a note at and I’ll connect y’all.

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