Posting With Word 2007

Ok, that was a bit more work than I thought. I wanted to figure out how to post from Word since I have some cool documents with pictures in them I wanted to add to my blog. I knew Word had the blogging capability so I dove in. It wasn’t very easy and took a lot of trial and error. Publishing text wasn’t a problem, it was the images that caused issues.

First I tried using the Community Server provider pointing to my metablog.ashx service. Error.
Next I tried changing to FTP. Error (permissions issue I never figured out.)
Rinse, repeat, change small things each time…Error.

Actually, the trial and error didn’t do squat. What did help was finding a posting on on Blogging from Microsoft Word. There’s a bug in Word 2007 in its call to metablog that needed to be corrected.  Once I fired up Fiddler and made the changes he recommended to intercept the service call, and changed Word to not use Community Server as the provider, it worked like a charm!

Now let’s see if I can get those documents uploaded…

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