SharePoint Logs

I know I implied earlier I wouldn’t be posting trivial stuff…Although this may fall into that category, it also falls in to the category of “Ryan will forget this”.

We don’t have a way to attach a debugger to our dev site right now, so debugging is writing text out to a field somewhere and reading that, then change your code, redeploy, check again, etc.  That’s IF your code doesn’t throw an error.  If it throws an error, you need to check out the logs to see what it is.  I didn’t know they existed until I read a comment reply on this post from the SharePoint blog on SharePoint workflow.

The log files can be found at C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12LOGS.  Imagine that…the LOGS directory in the 12 hive…who would’ve guessed??

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