Month: July 2007

Nuggets from Working with Large Lists White Paper

Other than the obvious benefit of learning the best methods for dealing with large lists, there are a couple related nuggets covered in the white paper titled Working with Large Lists in Office SharePoint Server […] Read More

Site Column to Crawled Property to Managed Property

Apparently the lifecycle of a site column (or other property for that matter) to become a crawled and then managed property isn’t easy to remember as I’ve had to “discover” it more than once.  Let’s […] Read More

New Icon on New Items

I got a question today asking what the criteria was for how long the !New icon is displayed on new items in a list.  Hell if I know…So I did some research. Taking a look at […] Read More

Authorized Types

I ran into this when using SharePoint Designer to create a simple workflow.  When I went to deploy the workflow to my site, I got a bunch of errors that looked like this: (0, 0) […] Read More