Month: August 2007

Details for “Copy List Item” Action

Want a challenge?  Do a search to try to find out how the Copy List Item action works within SharePoint Designer.  Find answers to questions like “Does it copy columns by name or by ordinal […] Read More

YouTube on Windows Mobile

My wife just got a new Treo running WM 5 and I’m planning on upgrading to a WM based phone soon as well.  Probably the HTC Mogul, but I’m not sure yet.  The wife is […] Read More

Days Until Next Event

Scenario:  A list contains items which have a recurring date.  Anniversary, birthday, things like that.  We want to calculate how many days remain until the next occurrence of that event. Solution:  Create a calculated column […] Read More

stsadm restore Results in “No content databases are available for this operation…”

I needed to “rename” (change the URL of) a site collection today so I went in and did a backup, and then went to restore using the new URL.  When I ran the restore with the new […] Read More