Lookup Feature by GUID

We’re currently in the process of moving from a staging environment to a new production environment migrating content from one to the other.  After migration there was an error on a standard site which basically had no content and one document library.  The error had to do with a missing feature, but only gave the GUID for the feature and the ID of the list.  I needed to find what feature was missing.

First I ran stsadm -o enumsolutions on the stage box to see if I could get lucky and find the feature that way.  No luck.

My next stop was the database looking directly for the feature by ID.  I did find it, but it didn’t yield any info that pointed me to the feature name.

Last resort, Google.  I did a search for the first part of the GUID and low and behold I found this List of Features with GUIDs.  Exactly what I needed!  That told me we were missing the core feature from the “Fantastic 40“.  Apparently, the group using that site had used one of the features from that set a while back and since removed it, but there was a hook left in somewhere.  After installing the application core, problem solved.

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