Gmail IMAP on Windows Mobile

Google released IMAP support.  Cool.  Here’s a good post on how to set it up, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Setup was pretty simple, but I had one puzzle to figure out.  When I delete a message on my phone what happens to it in Gmail?  According to the above post (and Gmail help), deleting a message removes the label from the message.  Maybe folks who are Gmail experts know how that affects a message in the inbox, but I didn’t.

What it means is that the message will be removed from the Inbox but it will still be viewable in All Mail.  If you want a message to be sent to the Trash folder while using WM (to simulate the same action when you click Delete on a message in Gmail in a browser), you move it to the [Gmail]Trash folder.  Doesn’t make sense why they did it that way, but they did.  Hope that helps someone.

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