SharePoint Deployment Guidelines

Apparently Microsoft and I are on the same schedule.  I’ve had an outstanding task to write some deployment guidelines for my current client and we’ve finally been able to give it a priority where I can focus on it.  I still have some finishing up to do, but along the same lines Microsoft just released a white paper titled Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Solutions (find it here).  It doesn’t go into as much detail as I do (or maybe a more correct statement would be it goes into different detail), but it gives a good overview of how the different environments interact and some good info on solutions and content deployment. 

Here’s an excerpt from the Executive Summary:
"This document outlines a methodology for SharePoint team development, customization and content authoring that aims at accelerating implementation and mitigates production risks.

To form the methodology, the document reviews implementation scenarios, tools and development environment."

Definitely worth the read.

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