Workflow Issues After WSS SP1

As I mentioned in my previous post on my SP1 issues, my Designer workflows stopped working after the service pack.  Specifically, it would no longer start workflows automatically.

I still don’t have the answer (bad news first), but I got another piece to the puzzle today.  A couple co-workers contacted me after hearing I had issues and they pointed me to a related MSDN Forum post.  As you’ll see, there is a suggestion that the auto workflows work fine as long as you’re not logged in using an admin account.  Which is what I was indeed doing (beat me up later for developing as an admin).

So I signed in as another, non-admin, user and sure enough…the workflows worked!  Finally something you can’t do as an admin but can as a normal user!!  Weird.  Anyway, it’s another piece to the puzzle and gives me a temporary work around.

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