Family Trip to Orlando and Caribbean

A couple weeks ago the family went to Orlando for a couple days and then took a cruise out of Canaveral down to the Caribbean.  While in Orlando we visited SeaWorld in about 45 degree weather, but it was still a good visit.  My girls hadn’t been there before and they had a blast.  After that, we hopped on a ship sailing for Nassau where we visited Atlantis.  It was the first cruise for me and my girls, but Bridget was well experienced.  Her parents also joined us so we had a good group.  The cruise was a lot of fun but time demanding.  We had to be up at certain times, eat at certain times, etc.  It was well worth it though.  Especially when we got to Atlantis and spent some time with the dolphins.

Here are the pictures from the trip. 

And one here if you don’t feel like viewing them all:

Family With Dolphin 

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