Drill Here, Drill Now!

I guess if you sit and wait long enough, someone will do something to solve a problem.  In my eyes, the problem is our dependency on foreign oil.  There are two angles of attack to solve the problem.  First, reduce our dependency on oil regardless of source through alternative fuels.  This is a great idea and it’s awesome to see work done in this area, including my uncle creating a home-brew hydrogen cell as an example.  Second, increase our production of oil so we don’t need to depend on foreign sources.  If both of these could be done at the same time I think we’d be well on our way to solving the problem for good.

Not much is needed to increase our production.  The oil is there, we just need to go get it.  To that end, I came across a petition earlier which was started by Newt Gingrich called "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" which is meant to collect signatures which will be presented to the Senate.  He’s already delivered 350,000, and the site is up to 805,000.  One of those signatures belonging to Chuck Norris!  Take a look at americansolutions.com and sign the petition if it looks like a good solution to you!

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