I’m reaching out to you (if anyone still reads this blog) looking for some support with a charity. For those of you that are hockey fans, you’re familiar with the NHL tradition of the players growing beards as long as their team is in the playoffs. If you’re not hockey fans, trust me, they do. There’s a new charity (at least new to me) that is extending that to fans and at the same time working to raise money for charities. I decided to participate and see if I can become The Most Interesting Man in the World!

The Colorado Avalanche charity benefiting from this program is KSE Charities, a charity that supports Colorado kids and families by providing health, education, literacy and fitness programs. A good cause, if you ask me (otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing it!) Any donation you make will be tax deductible.

If you’re interested in donating, or just interested in following along in the path to a great beard, check out

Thanks for taking the time.


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