Application Templates for SharePoint 2010??

For those folks who skip to the end of the book to see how things finish, I’ll jump to the point.  Doesn’t look like Microsoft is releasing any of the Application Templates (i.e. Fabulous 40) for SharePoint 2010.  So says To the SharePoint blog, and mentioned on the home page for the existing 2007 application templates.

That’s the bad news.  Now, if you’re still with me after that lengthy paragraph, here’s the good news.  The community has been stepping up to fill the gap.  Specifically, a company called TechSol.  So, if you absolutely have to have one of the Fab 40 templates, perhaps it’s been updated for you.  See the links below for the great work they’ve done.  As always, please use caution and test before installing in a production environment. 🙂

Fab 40 for SharePoint 2010 Foundation

Fab 40 for SharePoint 2010 Server

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