SharePoint Saturday Denver ShareSki Wrapup

It’s been a couple weeks now since the event, but I finally made the time to upload the pictures I took during the SharePoint Saturday Denver ShareSki event to Loveland. Although I was sidelined and stayed in the lodge, it was a great event and I had the opportunity become better acquainted with some of the attendees. It got off to a rocky start as the power was out at Loveland when we got there, but they eventually got one lift running on a generator and finally power restored 45 minutes or so after that. All in all, I think everyone had a great time. At the very least, based on the quiet bus ride home the skiing/boarding tired them out!

Getting ready to head out Group at Lodge Group at Lodge Tracy interviewing Clay

Enjoy the additional pictures over on Flickr and feel free to use them as you see fit. If you need a higher quality version than what’s on Flickr let me know.

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