SharePoint Live! 360 Wrap Up

Man, what a week! I’m writing this in a hotel room in Orlando reflecting on spending the last few days at the first ever SharePoint Live! conference, put on by the folks who do the Live! conferences. This one was co-located with Visual Studio, Cloud and SQL so there was a good mix of folks and some great speakers and sessions.

A minute on how I got here:  Earlier this year I was selected/invited to present two sessions, one on Records Management and another on using some of the latest web technologies (e.g. HTML5, jQuery, etc.) to develop against SharePoint. I work for a great employer, Neudesic, which supported me coming out here so I was able to accept the invitation. This would be my first trip this far east to speak and my first involvement with the Live! folks so I was really looking forward to it.

Some time after I agreed on presenting the two sessions, Dan Holme (the SharePoint conference chair) reached out asking if I’d be interested in filling a pre-conference workshop. I had talked with him and the organizer about doing something like that when we were discussing the first couple sessions, but it didn’t come together until later. I had never done a full day workshop like that before, but I had some good ideas for topics and proposed a workshop on using SharePoint for Internet sites and they accepted the topic.

Then it hit me….I have A LOT of work to do to prep for this thing! I won’t go into the boring details, but I have never worked so hard and so many hours over nights and weekends getting ready for a speaking engagement than I did for this event. Now that my sessions are delivered, I can look back and reflect on how valuable that time investment was. For all of my presentations, the initial feedback I received from the audience was great and I can’t wait to see some of the evaluations. For those who attended, THANK YOU for your investment and I hope you found the time well spent and came away with new thoughts to apply to your upcoming adventures with SharePoint!

Here are the slide decks I presented:

SharePoint for Internet Sites Workshop
Search Engine Optimization
User Experience
Content Management

Use 2012 (and Beyond) Technology with SharePoint

Yes, Records Management IS Possible in SharePoint!

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