On-Premise SharePoint 2013 Edition Comparison–Search

Pulling the table below from TechNet, the difference between Standard and Enterprise search in SharePoint 2013 is really only:

  • Content Search Web Part
  • Custom Entity Extraction
  • Extensible Content Processing
  • Advanced actions on Query Rules
  • Video Search

The differences from Foundation to Standard are too many to list separately so I’ll let the table do the talking.

Search features SharePoint Foundation SharePoint Server 2013—Standard Edition SharePoint Server 2013—Enterprise Edition
Advanced Content Processing Yes Yes Yes
Content Search Web Part No No Yes
Continuous crawl Yes Yes Yes
Custom entity extraction No No Yes
Deep links No Yes Yes
Event-based relevancy No Yes Yes
Expertise Search Yes Yes Yes
Extensible content processing No No Yes
Graphical refiners No Yes Yes
Hybrid search Yes Yes Yes
Managed navigation No Yes Yes
On-premises search index N/A N/A N/A
Phonetic name matching Yes Yes Yes
Query rules—Add promoted results No Yes Yes
Query rules—advanced actions No No Yes
Query spelling correction Yes Yes Yes
Query suggestions No Yes Yes
Query throttling No Yes Yes
Quick preview Yes Yes Yes
Recommendations No Yes Yes
Refiners Yes Yes Yes
RESTful Query API/Query OM Yes Yes Yes
Result sources Yes Yes Yes
Search connector framework No No No
Search results sorting Yes Yes Yes
Search vertical: “Conversations” No Yes Yes
Search vertical: “People” No Yes Yes
Search vertical: “Video” No No Yes
Tunable Relevancy No No No

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